The 12 Best Digital Kitchen Scales


There are so many electronic kitchen scales on the market that it is certainly not easy to decide which one is the best. Therefore, before purchasing, in addition to the fundamental quality/price ratio, it is important to always consider some characteristics.

The digital kitchen scale is powered by a current source, with mains cable or batteries, and can be accurate to the gram or 2 grams and with zero tare. Depending on the uses they can also be found with more accurate precision scales, to the tenth and hundredth of a gram, but generally this greater accuracy affects the cost.

Other evaluations must take into account the weighing capacity or the maximum capacity, the size of the dish to place a single ingredient or several ingredients at the same time. In this last case a digital scale with zero tare will be useful.

Among the features of some models of electronic kitchen scales there is the ability to switch the unit of measure (in kilograms or pounds) through a key. This is almost always accompanied by the automatic shut off function and, in the more advanced models, the memory one.

Why buy a kitchen scale

The chefs always say that to work in the kitchen you have to be creative and that there is nothing simpler, when preparing any recipe, to reason in empirical terms: a cup of flour, a handful of rice, a spoonful of sugar , a pinch of salt … Well, after a bit of practice, you realize that this somewhat coarse system is not only approximate, but it can have a significant effect on the balance of the ingredients and the success of a dish.

We think then that such empirical measures of capacity are more of a volumetric character than weight: a spoonful of flour, in fact, does not equate to one of sugar or salt. In fact, other factors of a chemical and physical nature intervene, such as specific weight or density, which can also vary considerably depending on the compound.

It should also be considered that our cup may not be as large as that used by a chef of whom we are watching a video or reading a recipe, in addition to the fact that often it is not said whether to consider the measure at the peak or perfect measure of the content of the cup.

Therefore, for those who take food preparation seriously (not to mention diet), an electronic kitchen scale is an indispensable tool. Simple to use, it always gives the absolute certainty of weighing correctly what is needed: 1 kg of flour is always 1 kg of flour!

What aspects to consider when buying a scale

Hands up who, when he helped his grandmother to prepare the cake, did not want to weigh the ingredients at all costs … If it is true that the first weighs food is never forgotten, it is also true that a scale, today, can not that being digital.

So let’s focus on these models and see what features must have a self-respecting electronic balance.

Scale and capacity of scales

The accuracy of the scale indicates how accurate a scale is. In an analog model, the tolerance can also be 10 or 20 gr per weigh: if the error proves acceptable when weighing in kilograms, it is no longer when weighing per gram.

A digital scale solves the problem of tolerance because the scale reading limit can be measured per gram if not, in the best models, even a tenth of a gram. Obviously the accuracy of a scale affects the purchase price: the more accurate, the higher the price. A second aspect concerns the capacity, that is the size of the weighing platform: if it has a certain width, it allows weighing also voluminous objects, such as a pan.

In this regard, it should be noted that a rather important function is generally present in digital scales, namely tare. It is thus possible to weigh the ingredients without having to remove them from the plate: it resets their weight from time to time and then moves on to the next one. The most efficient electronic scales also have the possibility to select the units of measure in grams or ounces.

Scale design

An aspect that is not secondary to consider is the design one. The readability of the digital display, the type and number of batteries to be inserted, the possibility or not of power supply with a wall outlet … not to mention the weight of the scale if you have to move it, the automatic shutdown timer, the possibility to remember a list of ingredients …

The list could continue for a long time, but for now we stop here. What is important to emphasize in this regard is that according to their own expectations and their culinary objectives, each of the elements mentioned can contribute to making the difference. At first sight, in fact, they may seem minor aspects: but also the autonomy of the batteries or the automatic shut-off function that saves energy are factors that should not be overlooked.

Unit of measure

The best digital scales have the ability to weigh ingredients in multiple units of measure, from grams to kilograms, ounces to pounds. They are also able to weigh volumetric units such as fluids per milliliter or fluid ounces. The most advanced models can cover at least four of these units, switching from one to the other with a single button.

Technical support

The best producers of digital food scales offer a first class service. In addition to the two-year guarantee period, required by law, it is sometimes offered a free extension that covers an even longer period. A serious customer service always provides telephone or email support, to meet customers in real time who need more information or who require technical help. Other types of support can be provided by accessing a website, using FAQs or by providing manuals and software updates.

The 12 best kitchen scales

The choice between an analogue balance or a digital one does not depend only on the purchase price, but also and above all on the degree of accuracy and tolerance that one is willing to accept. A digital scale allows you to keep up with the evolution of the technique and it is said that costs more than just a mechanical scale. Moreover, it combines functionality with an attractive design, which can give an exclusive touch to the kitchen. The balance can not be missing among the “housewives” chefs. Just as the planetary mixer, in fact, can significantly influence the final result, even if you are a cook expert.

Smart Weigh precision kitchen scale 

Smart Weigh kitchen scale

It is designed with a stainless steel platform that combines functionality with elegance. Its weighing capacity is 5 kg, with a division of 1 gr. It has a key for converting units of measure, from the decimal system to the Anglo-Saxon system, including two options for weighing liquids such as water and milk. A high-precision sensor system provides fast and accurate readings in kg and g, oz and lbs, ml and fl oz. The dish is ready to accommodate any type of container. The tare can be zeroed with the appropriate key, without having to remove dishes, bowls and pots and without having to weigh a single ingredient at a time.

The weight is shown on a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. The scale works with two AAA batteries included in the package: just pull a tab and the ignition is immediate. It turns off automatically after 2 minutes that you do not use it, or you can deactivate it manually using the on / off button. To buy this kitchen scales click HERE!!

kitchen scale AmazonBasics EK3211 scale 

AmazonBasics EK3211 kitchen scale

Small and compact, this versatile scale is easily placed even on the kitchen shelves a bit ‘cramped. And once its use is finished, it can be conveniently stored in a cupboard. It is designed with sensor technology for quick and precise reading. The weighing capacity is 5 kg, with a division of 1 gr. The Unit key allows you to convert units of measure from ounces to grams or from pounds to kilograms. The plate allows you to support any type of container, whose weight can be zeroed with the appropriate tare key.

In the same way you can zero the partial weights of the ingredients without having to mentally subtract them or, as often happens, weighing them one by one. The weight is displayed on a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. The power supply of the scale is given by 2 AAA batteries. In addition to the manual switch-off, the appliance has an automatic switch-off function that deactivates it after about 2 minutes of non-use. To buy it click HERE!

kitchen scale Salter

kitchen scale Salter review

Digital flat-bottomed kitchen scale with a very minimal design. Made of plastic material, allows you to weigh different ingredients in the same bowl. Food can be placed directly on the table or in the container, with the possibility to reset the tare. The weighing capacity is 3 kg, with accuracy to 1 gr. The unit conversion function is available from metric decimal to imperial (Anglo-Saxon), in grams and ounces.

Thanks to its sensor technology, reading is particularly precise. The weight is shown on an LCD screen with large characters, thus facilitating immediate reading. The scale is powered by a CR2032 lithium button battery (included). The switch-off is automatic if the equipment is left on standby, or it can be carried out using the appropriate key. It is covered by a 15-year warranty provided by the manufacturer. To buy it click HERE!!

Bestron kitchen scale

Bestron kitchen scale review

It has a high and large bowl in removable satin stainless steel to easily weigh and without contaminating any type of ingredient. If desired, you can replace the bowl with any other dish or container. It has a maximum capacity of 5 kg and offers an accuracy of one gram. The moment you turn it on, it is always set to zero, with or without bowl on the plate.

As you weigh an ingredient you can go to zero. Among its many features there is also the option to choose the unit of measurement, the temperature and temperature sensor, the automatic shut-off, the overload indicator and the battery indicator. The digital timer is very convenient for cooking activities, but it is not related to the operation of the scale. Battery operated with 2 AAA ministyle. Buy it NOW!!!!

kitchen scale  Duronic KS5000 

Duronic KS5000 kitchen scale review

Aesthetically very accurate, it certainly does not go unnoticed. It is equipped with an anti-scratch satin stainless steel bowl (dishwasher-safe) with a diameter of 24.5 cm. It also has a bright circular LCD display with very large numbers to facilitate reading. The base is made of plastic with steel inserts. Its capacity is 5 kg, with an accuracy of 1 gr. Acting on the appropriate key you can select decimal units (g / kg) and imperial units (oz / lb), as well as two units to carry out the weighing of liquids (fl.oz / ml). Its four high-precision sensors allow to always detect a very accurate measurement.

You can weigh the ingredients either directly on the plate or in the bowl, zeroing the weighing each time with the tare key. It is powered by 3 mini-batteries included in the package. It has the auto power off function but can also be deactivated manually. It has indicators of low battery and overload.   Buy this digital kitchen scale now!!!

Duronic KS3000 kitchen scale 

Duronic KS3000 kitchen scale review

Designed with a flat base in stainless steel, it has a transparent plastic bowl with a diameter of 18.5 cm. The dimensions of the single plate are quite contained: 17 cm in diameter and only 2 cm in thickness. The position of the display has been studied taking into consideration the shape and position of the bowl on the plate, in order to allow a clear and unobstructed reading of the measured value. Its capacity is 5 kg, with an accuracy of 1 g. Thanks to the presence of four high-precision sensors, measurement detection is always very accurate.

The ingredients can be weighed directly on the plate or in the bowl, with the tare key being zeroed each time. Equipped with only two buttons on the side of the display, it is easy and intuitive to use. The key on the left turns on and sets the tare, the right button converts the units of measurement from the decimal system to the Anglo-Saxon system. The scale is powered by a CR2032 button battery, already included in the package; thanks to the auto-off function, its duration is optimized. However, it is also possible to switch it off manually. Among its features there is also the overload indicator. Buy it now, click here!!!

kitchen scale Beurer KS 25

Beurer KS 25 kitchen scale review

Elegant digital kitchen scale with plastic bowl for weighs of 1.2 l. The bowl is dishwasher safe. The maximum capacity is 3 kg and the graduation per gram allows to weigh even small quantities of ingredients. It is equipped with a switch button for units of measurement between decimals and Anglo-Saxons: gr, kg, lb, oz.

This model has a tare function, an overload indicator and an automatic stop. The backlit display allows you to read immediately the weight in any light condition. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries, which are included in the package. Buy it now this kitchen scale!!!

kitchen scale PicknBuy

kitchen scale PicknBuy review

The first thing that strikes you about this small digital kitchen scale is definitely the price, which makes it appealing even for those with an extremely low budget. But from the point of view of performance, nothing is missing. It has a plastic base of 110 mm diameter and guarantees a capacity of about 5 kg, with scale accuracy of 1 gr.

There is also a button to convert units into ounces, pounds, grams and kilograms. Its characteristics are completed with the indication overload, auto zero and auto off. Works with 2 x AAA battery, not included in the package. Buy it now on Amazon!!!

kitchen scale Soehnle 65003 

kitchen scale Soehnle 65003

We could not miss, in this guide of the best kitchen scales, a high performance analog model. Ideal for lovers of a classic and vintage product, this versatile tool is made entirely of stainless steel. It has a large basin of 25 cm diameter that rests on arms and that you can of course remove. The weighing capacity is 5 kg, with an accuracy of 20 grams. The hand moves at a wide radius so that the gradation is clearly visible. The tare function is also available: just adjust a small wheel located under the plate, aligning the needle to zero. The guarantee of this scale is 3 years. Buy It click HERE!!

kitchen scale Soehnle 67080 

kitchen scale Soehnle 67080 review

Platform scale, versatile and very precise, with a beautiful design available in silver or black. The material of which the structure is composed is made of tempered and plastic glass, which gives the whole a remarkable solidity and compactness. The base of the plate measures 20 x 26.2 cm (with a thickness of 2.2 cm): these generous dimensions make it an appliance useful not only for weighing food but also the most bulky items, such as packages to be shipped . Even its LCD display is large (79 × 26 mm) to make reading easier. To buy it click HERE!!

It has a maximum capacity of 15 kg, with an accuracy of 1 gr. Its features include the weight selector in decimal and Anglo-Saxon units (gr, kg, oz, lb), the tare reset button, the energy saving function with automatic switch-off if it is left on standby. It also has a hold function that keeps the amount of the weigh in memory for 10 seconds, after the product has been removed from the scale: this is a feature that is useful when weighing cumbersome objects that hide the visibility of the display. All the keys are “sensor touch” technology: there is no need to exert any pressure but just a simple touch of the fingers and the scale turns on. It is powered by 2 x AAA batteries.

Exzact Premium kitchen scale

Exzact Premium kitchen scale review

It is a high-quality electronic digital model. Its bowl is in satin-finished steel and is very capacious: it has a diameter of 21.5 cm. It is not scratched, can be washed in the dishwasher and is also suitable for mixing. The ingredients can be weighed either directly on the plate or in the bowl and the weigh can be reset each time by pressing the tare key. Offers a capacity of 5 kg, with precision of 1 gr. The weight units are selected with the appropriate button for decimal units (gr / kg) and Anglo-Saxons (oz / lb), including the indication of the volume of liquids (water and milk).

Equipped with a large LCD display, it has the function of auto-off after one minute in standby; it can also be deactivated manually. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries, which are not included in the scope of delivery and have low battery and overload indicators. To buy this kitchen scale click HERE!!

kitchen scale Beurer KS 19

kitchen scale Beurer KS 19

Available with modern, variegated and multicolored designs, it is made of ultra-thin safety glass with only 16.5 mm thickness, very easy to clean. It has a very stable plan of 20 x 14.5 cm that allows you to make measurements of any type of food, with or without the container. Its high precision operation is performed by sensors. The flow capacity is 5 kg, with a division of 1 gr. It is designed to offer a wide range of functionalities, starting from the possibility of converting units of measurement from decimal to Anglo-Saxon units, including the weighing of liquids.

The tare function, the zeroing and the automatic switching off after stand by complete the picture of its performances. Information on low battery charge and possible overload is also provided. To access the individual functions, simply touch the keys. Figures with a size of 20 mm are displayed on the simple and immediate reading display. The power supply to the scale is supplied by a CR2032 lithium button battery. Click HERE to buy it!!!


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