Quokky: the application that reminds you of the deadlines of bills


We all have an increasingly hectic life and sometimes it is also difficult to remember the simple tasks of everyday life.

App utility for every day

Such as paying bills. In order not to skip the deadlines and incur penalties, you can resort to automatic debiting on your current account. But this service is chosen by just 50% of users. Or you can turn to new technologies.

Quokky is the App for smartphones and tablets that allows you to store documents and bills online, and to remember deadlines and payment notices; all this in a safe, simple and effective way. Soon it will also allow to pay directly the utilities and draw up a statistic of the monthly and annual costs incurred.

Quokky’s operation is very easy. In fact, the user simply needs to photograph the bill with the mobile device; the application at that point stores and catalogs the document recognizing the type of service or supply. On the other side of the service, companies will have all the documents processed digitally and stored in a cloud: so less paper, less bureaucracy, less late-payment charges. And reduced payment times.

Quokky is the result of the inventiveness of three Italian boys: Filippo Veronese, thirty-two former owner of a software house, Marco Zingarelli, a thirty-year-old Milanese broker, and Luciano Bandolin, a thirty-year-old manager in Goldman Sacks in London. With their own investments, they then obtained a loan from Banco Popolare, reaching € 1 million. Municipalities and telephone companies are in an advanced negotiation with the company for the near future.

Meanwhile, the App has been included by Apple among the best applications of 2015 and the founders have met the a.d. Tim Cook. Veronese comments:

This recognition is a guarantee of reliability, operation, seriousness and it is therefore important to open up a market. For now, in fact, with 100 thousand downloads and 650 thousand users under management, we charge peanuts, but we expect to achieve a break even from the middle of next year, reaching about one million users by the end of 2016.


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