New BoomBox and SmartSound Speaker review


BoomBox and SmartSound T5: the new portable speakers from Mediacom are coming soon.

New speakers BoomBox

Mediacom announces the availability of BoomBox, a new and surprising portable speaker that, thanks to its particularly small size and a weight just over a kilogram, can easily be placed in a backpack to be always ready to unleash fun wherever you are.

Offering 24W sound power and a multi-color LED lighting system that always creates the right atmosphere, the new BoomBox lets you listen to your favorite playlists from any compatible Bluetooth device or play tracks in MP3 formats o WMA present on micro SD cards or USB pen drives.

Very simple to control, thanks to the presence of a series of menu buttons particularly practical and intuitive, this new proposal Mediacom has among its main strengths the extreme compactness and lightness, which allow you to easily carry with you BoomBox to unleash fun in opportunity for a picnic or a party even outdoors. The presence of a generous rechargeable battery via USB then ensures the ability to play music for hours without the worry of having to recharge the speaker during the party.

At the same time as the launch of BoomBox, Mediacom also introduces the new T5 SmartSounds to the catalog.

Characterized by the eye-catching fabric covering available in three different colors and by the practical carabiner that allows you to easily attach them to the backpack, these small 5W speakers weighing 250 grams are able to play music via Bluetooth, using the audio input or the tracks stored on microSD cards and USB pen drives.

Equipped with an integrated microphone to allow use in speakerphone and a rechargeable battery that can offer an operating autonomy of three and a half hours, these compact and versatile speakers are the ideal complement for smartphones and tablets.

The new BoomBox and SmartSound T5 will be on sale from the end of April with retail prices of 49.99 euros and 29.99 euros, including VAT.

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