Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter Kit Original


Nanoleaf Aurora is a simply fantastic idea! A modular LED lamp that has a virtually infinite development and is beautiful.

Nanoleaf Aurora is one of the best examples of smart lighting

What Naloeaf Aurora is?

Nanoleaf Aurora is a multicolored and modular LED lamp, which you can mount at will, using the pieces inside the package, that is triangles in plastic material, that combine in an extra-flexible way and then connect to the power supply that is also the heart intelligent system.

nanoleaf triangles light colors effect

Aurora is also expandable, because you can buy the famous “triangles” , at a price of £54.99 HERE .


Building your “lamp” is very simple, as is the positioning inside the house, which you make using the supplied double-sided adhesive tape. Once you have chosen a form and you have also connected the power supply, the configuration process changes from using the application, which is fully compatible with Apple HomeKit, with the Google assistant, with Alexa and also with IFTTT.

This means that infinite possibilities are open for the use of your light source, which for example can automatically follow the sunrise and sunset cycle, or automatically increase the brightness when the external UV index falls below a certain threshold.

Then there are color schemes in motion, but there is also an accessory that allows you to adapt the movement of colors with the music you listen to.

Obviously, you can manage the colors by personalizing them and differentiating them on each single “tile”, but you can also create new animations, adjusting rhythm, colors, speed, a real fun for children too.

You can control your Aurora system with the voice through Siri and you can also manage it with Apple HomeKit, thus also combining with other smart systems. For example, I control its brightness according to that of the other Philips and Ikea light bulbs in the same room.

Nanoleaf Aurora, prices and availability

You can already find Nanoleaf Aurora for sale at a price of £169.00, just click HERE! If you want to buy only the 3x Panels Nanoleaf – Light Panels Expansion Pack , to do an expansion for your starter kit, you can buy the 3 additional panels clicking HERE .

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