Men’s watches: buying guide


Buying a men’s watch is definitely a very difficult thing to do.

How to choose a good man watch

On the market there are several brands and many models belonging to different styles, price ranges that can adapt to the needs of the person who will wear the item in question. For this reason it happens several times to remain in difficulty in the choice of one model rather than another, especially if we do not consider certain particularities that must necessarily be taken into consideration. Briefly all the essential information will be given to choose a watch without wasting time or wasting money.

Display time: analogue or digital

A first aspect to consider when choosing a men’s watch is certainly what kind of visualization one would like to have from one’s watch or in other words if one prefers an analogical or digital model, characterized by the presence of a screen.

When you choose an analogue clock you do it mainly because of the great beauty and the enormous charm possessed, which can certainly be useful as an item of clothing. Instead, the great advantage possessed by digital clocks is certainly the ease with which you can read the time on the screen, but also the considerable amount of functions that are integrated on these devices thanks to the presence of integrated circuits.

Which type of movement is preferable

Another fundamental aspect to consider when buying watches for men is certainly whether to take a model with mechanical movement, quartz or with automatic winding. The first type (mechanical movement) is the most classic of the systems by which the hour is measured and the charge is carried out. In this case, the watch must be manually recharged in such a way that the operation takes place correctly.

However, it is important to consider the imprecision possessed by this model of clock to mark the time. The second type, or quartz, work with a battery that can last for long periods of time and at the same time can measure the time with extreme precision thanks to the presence of a quartz crystal (integrated into almost all modern watches) . The most famous brands of this type of watches are definitely Citizen, Casio, Fossil and so on. Finally, it is worth mentioning the self-winding model, possible thanks to the movement of the wrist or arm of the person wearing this type of device. The precision with which the time is marked is really remarkable, even if it turns out to be lower than the clocks using quartz crystal.

The importance of a watch’s crystal

The crystal of a men’s watch plays a very important role, that is to protect the internal parts from impacts or liquids. Generally watch manufacturers use 3 materials for the realization of this component, namely:

– plastic, which is considered very economical and used a lot for digital watches. Its strong point is certainly to protect the watch from accidental bumps, being sensitive to the formation of scratches;

– The mineral turns out to be another type of very used material, especially if it is heat-treated glass, able to withstand impact in an optimal way. The greatest weakness of this material is the difficulty that is found in eliminating scratches from the surface of the crystal;

– The sapphire, natural or artificial, is one of the hardest materials with which crystals are made for watches, suitable for resisting any kind of impact or scratch, resulting more expensive.

Material of the main case of the chosen clock

Finally, in order to choose a good men’s watch, it is necessary to consider the quality and materials of the main case of the watch itself, opting for all those models made of stainless metals resistant to scratches or bumps.


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