GoPro Chest Mount Harness for HERO Cameras


Do you want to do beautiful video with your hero cameras? This is best of GoPro gadgets!

Gadget chest mount harness GoPro

Helps you to wear all GoPro cameras (besides virtual HERO 5 Wrist digicam) in your chest secure, absolutely adjustable layout fits all shapes and sizes, inclusive of over huge jackets best mount for snowboarding, kayaking, biking, motocross, equestrian and other movement sports lets you capture your knees and skis at the slopes, or your motorcycle body and handlebars smooth way to share the filming along with your friends.

The qualities of this gadget for GoPro Hero cameras

– offers an ultra immersive attitude
– perfect for skiing, biking, motocross or paddle sports
– fully adjustable to suit a huge range of person sizes
– The Chesty makes it easy to capture immersive video and pics from, well … your chest.
– it is perfect for skiing, mountain cycling, motocross, paddle sports activities or any pastime in which you need a extra attractive, lower-than-the-helmet view of the movement.
– you will capture greater of your arms, knees, poles and skis while skiing—and extra of your palms and handlebars even as biking or riding your motorbike.
– fully adjustable to match a huge range of adult sizes.


GoPro Chesty Chest Mount Harness: This GoPro chest mount for your camera makes it smooth to capture interesting video and photographs from the extent of your chest. perfect for any pastime wherein you need a decrease-than-the-helmet view of the movement.



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