Google Clips auto shoot


Google Clips is getting the camera that takes pictures by itself.

The Google camera that takes photos automatically

Google Clips finally arriving on the market, after the launch a few months ago. A very special camera, which uses artificial intelligence to capture the moments of your life.

I think that this object is little more than an exercise in style, a sort of demonstration of Google’s ability a little ‘end in itself, because I have some doubts about the potential “mass market” of a camera that takes when you want, using artificial intelligence.

Google Clips: the first self-sufficient camera, which also takes photos by itself

This is the principle behind Google Clips: a small square device, with a side of about 6 cm, which can be placed anywhere and is able to recognize which scenes are worth photographing with the use of artificial intelligence. It is not you who decides when and what to photograph, the processor that is hidden inside it says so. But are we sure it really can do it?

Obviously, the first thing to think about is whether a camera frames everything you want, sends it to a server and then an algorithm decides what is worth taking, it is privacy. But From Google reassure on this issue that is taken in very serious consideration and is even considered central and in support of this thesis come the considerations of the University of California, according to which there are no new frontiers beyond which we go with this device.

We know well the Google habits when it comes to hardware: the United States and England are a kind of test area and almost all products are first tested in those areas. If the reception is good, then it goes to distribution on a global scale.

google clips camera review

Probably this is the fate of Google Clips, which arrive on the American market at 249 dollars. The operation is very simple: the device is combined with a smartphone which governs the “volunteer” shots and with which the “automatic” ones are also managed. At the moment, the Google Camera Clips are compatible with Galaxy S7, S8 and Google Pixel and all iPhone 6 iPhone 6 up to the latest models today.




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