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Bright Bugz are small lighting which provide a form of “magic trick” optical phantasm that seem to expose lighting shifting between the arms of a performer at his or her command.

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The authentic product website is, which became registered in March 2011. The screenshot below shows the official website in July 2016. bright Bugz was once available in stores, however as of this July 2016 writing it best seems to be available on line.

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Bright Bugz overview

Brilliant Bugz, the conventional magic trick, is lower back with a new advertising campaign in 2016. This easy phantasm is brilliant to those who have by no means visible it before. The performer gives the phantasm that a mild is magically moving from hand handy, or being passed through his or her head or other items.

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Spoiler alert:

The mechanism behind vibrant Bugz is of utter simplicity. It consists of a small mild attached to the performer’s finger through a small band. each time the performer squeezes brilliant Bugz, it lights up. releasing strain turns the mild off. it’s miles brilliantly simple.

Such simplicity, but, way that shiny Bugz depends in large part at the ability of the performer so as for the illusion to be pulled off correctly. due to the fact the lights are attached to the hands, the phantasm is also exceptional achieved at night or in darkish settings in which the trick will no longer be as without problems spotted.


The performer offers the phantasm of a unmarried light being passed among arms, however it is actually two lights. As he or she movements the light from hand handy, it’s miles without a doubt just a depend of enticing one light after which the alternative as it “actions” from hand to hand.

There is also a cellphone app, which allows you to extend the trick onto your device. As with the primary trick, there could be some skill required so as to convincingly use the cellphone app.

Even though shiny Bugz may be found on Amazon, they’re steeply-priced from 0.33 birthday celebration providers. you can read the remarks and opinions, but, which give the product a three.6 famous person rating with over one hundred thirty opinions.

Usual, shiny Bugz is a fun and easy trick to be able to amaze those who haven’t seen it earlier than. It does require some talent of the performer so one can look fluid.

– Incredible light-up trick set for kids and adults
– Squeeze activated bugs attach to your fingertips to perform amazing illusions and incredible tricks
– Includes a Holobeam pyramid
– 2 x Bright Bugz included in each set
– Easy to learn. Perfect for ages eight and over.



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