Automatic watches purchase guide


How to choose the best automatic watch using the technical rules that you carry.

The first automatic clock dates back to 1700, since that time the mechanism has not changed much, except for some changes due to the improvement of available technologies and construction techniques.

The automatic watches do not need a manual charge or a battery, their operation depends exclusively on the movement of the arm. The mechanism present inside these wristwatches is called Calibro, this term indicates the precision of the construction, but at the same time that of the functionality.

How do automatic watches work

Automatic watches are a type of wristwatch capable of recharging with the simple kinetic energy, which derives from the movement of the arm itself. So they do not require a manual refill, as is the case with other models.

The traditional manual clocks have a rotation device that allows the clock to be charged manually, this system in the automatic type is completely supplanted by another system which consists of a weight that oscillates when the wrist and the arm make any movement. In this way the kinetic energy produced by the movement causes a movement of the weight, which, by oscillating, creates other kinetic energy that is transformed, through a ratchet that loads the spring, into recharge for the device.

There are two types of automatic devices, which are distinguished by the different charging system:

– One-way system in which recharging occurs only when the movement is carried out in one direction.

– Bidirectional system in which the spring recharges independently from the direction of movement, thanks to the presence of inverting gears.

However, there are some rare cases where it is still mandatory to recharge the clock mechanism manually, such as if you do not wear your watch for a long time. In this case the mechanism could be affected in terms of precision, so it is advisable to have it checked by an expert.

Excessive movement can cause damage to the mechanism, especially in watches with a bidirectional system, so it is advisable not to subject the watch to excessive movement.

However, an automatic watch is built to last over time, it is an object to be passed down from generation to generation, just as you do with jewelry. An automatic watch gives added value and character to the wearer, because thanks to the complexity of its mechanism it is an object full of charm.

Reasons to choose an automatic watch

The build quality of an automatic watch is undoubtedly high, so the watch acquires a higher value.

Choosing this type of watch is particularly suitable:

– If you look for a watch with high mechanical performance characteristics, in fact the mechanical movement with automatic winding is of superior quality to other types.

– If you are looking for precision, the self-winding watches are more precise because the charge is continuous, unlike a hand-wound watch.

– If you love exclusivity, which means having a unique watch not mass-produced in millions of pieces.

– If you love practicality, in fact the automatic mechanism avoids wasting time loading the watch manually.

– If you want a device resistant to external agents, because the automatic system makes the clock less sensitive to external interference such as dust and humidity, for this reason it is possible to find automatic diving watches, while there are no manuals with this specific characteristic.

– If you love unique features, or have a clock with extra functions compared to the only function to indicate the time that flows, such as lunar phases, calendar, indicator of remaining charge or have the glass bottom that allows you to have the movement of the visible mechanics.


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