Air Zooka Bazooka


A beautiful idea for every children, not too young, for pass the time life in full happiness. Air Bazooka or Zooka!!

Beautiful gadget air bazooka

An air bazooka, for play with your friends in full happiness.

air bazooka Amazon product

air zooka reviews

– Surprise your friends by hitting them with a harmless ball of air over 20ft!
– Ruffle a persons’ hair, dress or papers on their desk!
– Air Zooka operates by pulling and releasing the built-in elastic air launcher.
– Suitable indoor or outdoors.
– Anyone wearing a light wig or toupee had better watch out!!

air zooka gadget by Amazon

air zooka gadget

As you can see, this is a completely safe game for children. A powerful air cannon that will allow you to have fun or entertain your children. Gadget suitable for both sexes.






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